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It is an e-learning platform dedicated to kids learning for Maths. 





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About Finder

This website is designed for the sole purpose of building a strong math foundation. The creators wanted to make it easy for children to do quick calculations, so they’re separated into different login options: one for students, one for parents and one for teachers.

The Challenge

  • To provide different accounts with different features for people of various statuses; students, parents, and teachers.
  • To provide secure paid access to Math exercises.
  • To provide different learning packages that can be customized per the students’ needs.
  • Real-time execution of practice sets and real-time tracking of the student’s progress.
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Key Features

The app comprises many features. Here is the list of some of the features:

  • different login dashboards for parents. students, teachers and admin.
  • VR feature to provide interactivity and graphics.  
  • Real-time tracking of results.
  • Parents can track the progress of their kids through analytics.
  • Multiple practice options

The Outcome

Our team of e-learning web app developers (PHP) has created the web app in a predefined time. We created the web app Agile process and DevOps approach so as to meet the deadline of the client. The client was happy with all the custom features of the app.

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