GDPR Compliance

An Overview

The Europeans Union has released the General Data Protection Regulation, starting on May 25th, to protect the fundamental right to privacy of its residents. This strict but necessary law sets guidelines on how people's personal data can be lawfully collected and processed for use. Since it is applicable to all businesses that collect information about European Citizens or Residents for goods and services, it gives these individuals power over what happens with their personal information.

CodersDaddy values personal data protection and takes it very seriously. CodersDaddy has been committed to delivering customer success through key pillars of trust, honesty, dependability, and transparency since 2000. In light of GDPR legislation coming into effect, CodersDaddy intends to strengthen its safety measures for personal data - both within Europe as well as globally - by deepening bonds of trust with customers through improved security for their personal data in order to build successful partnerships.

Our Commitment

We, the CodersDaddy family work around the clock so that your experience with us will always be transparent and reliable. By taking care of your needs in every way possible, we hope to continually earn your trust so that you never need to doubt our dedication to what matters most - you!

As CodersDaddy moves forward with implementing changes required for compliance with GDPR standards, there may be some areas where our website appears different than before. This is only temporary while we complete certain sections to ensure an optimal user experience while remaining compliant. Trust us when we say these updates will make things easier for all of us!

In addition to updated policies and legal notices now reflecting the requirements of GDPR legislation (which protect how your data is managed), there are also other ways for users seeking greater control over their personal data (e.g., deletion or editing). Once again, we thank you for being one of our valued clients - because everything from here on out is about you.

Our Approach To Compliance

As a leading software development company in India, we have implemented stringent security measures to ensure that we maintain a high level of protection and compliance with your data. Furthermore, we are dedicated to achieving full GDPR compliance by following a systematic approach that ensures customer privacy and corporate integrity.

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