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Website Maintenance & Support Services

With website maintenance and support services, we assist businesses with maintaining their software infrastructure fully flexible, operable and secure. Get simplified, authentic, and advanced app maintenance & support services covered under SLA.

CodersDaddy offers complete application modification, bug fixing, testing, documentation update, problem root cause analysis, and requests resolution & problem detection solutions. Our app maintenance services improve application quality, lower costs, and resolve complex recurring issues in your app.

What's the Process? It goes this way: Requirement collection for project clarity >> Project analysis by experts >> Maintenance proposal >> Stability evaluation >> Testing >> Release & reporting.

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  • Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Website Maintenance & Support Services
Website Maintenance & Support Services

Get The Best Website Maintenance & Support Services

We offer reliable website maintenance services to help your organization lower operational costs, improve performance, and stay on top of industry trends. Our trained and certified team provides full support for any product— be it enterprise-level or consumer-level. Our app maintenance services ensure you won’t have to worry about any updates or patches in the future.

  • Trust of a Top Software Development Brand

  • Strict Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Seasoned and Certified Experts

  • Complete L0, L1, L2, L3 Support

  • Flexible Engagements Options

  • DevOps Enablement for Faster TTM

  • Expertise in Latest Tech Stacks

  • No Legal Employment Liability

  • Zero Recruitment or Overhead Expenses

Minimum Price + Maximum Quality + Minimum Time Guarantee

CodersDaddy provides website / app maintenance & support services to organizations of all sizes, covering everything from web app, mobile app, cloud services to desktop applications. Our experts have helped businesses in many different industries find and solve their software issues and keep their website and mobile app running smoothly.

CodersDaddy guarantees, maximum quality website maintenance services at minimum time as we understand how important it is to get your software up and running quickly. Also, we assure that you get the website and app maintenance services in minimum price compared to other players in the market.

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All-round expertise in Website Maintenance Services

At CodersDaddy, we offer four types of website maintenance services that can benefit small to large organizations and meet almost any budget requirement. If you’re looking to hire an app maintenance and support company that facilitates sustainable growth of your organiation, look no further than CodersDaddy.

  • 01

    Adaptive Maintenance

    With adaptive maintenance services, we add functionality to your software as you need it. This can be in response to business needs or competition—we’ll keep your product up-to-date and on top of its game. If you choose adaptive maintenance, you guarantee that your product will never become outdated. You have ultimate control over when and how new features are added—you have to provide us with a detailed list.

  • 02

    Perfective Maintenance

    Whether you’re creating a program from scratch or taking existing software and enhancing it, perfective maintenance can help make that process easier. Our software developers take care of bugs and problems with your code by running tests, fixing errors, and ensuring new updates are compatible with all platforms. There are three types of perfective maintenance: routine releases, major releases, and legacy maintenance.

  • 03

    Corrective Maintenance

    It needs corrective maintenance when software or application is affected by bugs, crashes, errors, or data loss. The corrective maintenance services offered by our firm include bug fixes and patch updates to fix application issues and full application rewrites that are needed due to complex coding issues. If an existing website or app cannot be updated because of incompatible codes, we will provide you with a new one.

  • 04

    Preventive Maintenance

    If you’re looking for a way to keep your software up-to-date and running smoothly, look no further than our Preventive maintenance services. We’ll keep an eye on your app and provide you with ongoing advice on how to optimize your software as needed. We will conduct regular inspections and notify you of anything that requires immediate attention before it becomes a more severe problem.

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Our USPs for Website Maintenance Services

When you need website maintenance services, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best quality and value available on the market. There are plenty of reasons why our company, CodersDaddy, is the right choice when it comes to app maintenance and support services. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should choose us!:

  • Unlimited Tech Support

    There’s no limit on what you can ask of our team. Our unlimited tech support doesn’t end until you’re satisfied with your software maintenance services, so if you have questions about functionality or troubleshooting down the road, our tech support is here for you. Unlike other companies that offer only limited support, we are committed to providing as much assistance as possible throughout your relationship.

  • Timely Service

    With CodersDaddy, we provide cost-effective and timely services so your team is focused on what matters most—running your business. Our trained developers work hard to help you keep costs low while providing software support and maintenance services that align with your business needs. This means you can rest easy knowing your systems will operate without fail and costly upkeep down the road.

  • Complete Flexibility

    When you hire CodersDaddy to provide software maintenance services, you’re working with an established, reliable organization that will provide your team with complete flexibility and freedom. We will do whatever it takes to carefully address your software maintenance needs and continually look for ways we can improve our performance.

  • Customized Options

    When it comes to software maintenance services, you should never settle for generic fixes or overpriced renewal contracts. We provide customized options that are customized based on your specific maintenance requirements. You’ll get value for money while maintaining a scalable and reliable software solution.

  • Motivated & Creative Teams

    When you work with CodersDaddy, you get a dedicated software maintenance team and a highly motivated and creative team of tech professionals. If your business is serious about using technology to grow, it makes sense to partner with experts who are serious about their craft and have as much passion for innovation as you do.

  • No Contract Lockins

    Most of our clients are big corporations who want their software maintained without interruptions. No contract lockins mean you can leave us anytime without paying a hefty price. We’re reliable, flexible, and, all in all, affordable when it comes to website and app maintenance services, so we fit all your requirements.

  • Result Driven Approach

    We follow a result-driven approach when it comes to working with our clients. In order to achieve optimum results, we focus on helping you attain your business goals. When you work with us, we won’t just complete your project, but also make sure that everything is in working order and that nothing has been overlooked. Our clients rave about our customer service and attention to detail, which is always second-to-none.

  • Complete Integrity & Transparency

    Integrity and transparency are the core values of our company. We strive to deliver complete solutions to all of our clients, regardless of what software services they use. Our staff is thoroughly trained in all facets of software maintenance and management, which allows us to serve any client with confidence.

  • Quality / Security Adherence

    Our top priority is quality and security adherence. With over a decade of experience, our team members are skilled at website maintenance and support, as well as formalizing secure coding techniques. You can be confident in your software maintenance and IT security when you choose CodersDaddy’s development team.

Our Services For Website / App Maintenance & Support

When we look at our customers, we don’t just want them to choose us because we are economical; instead, we want them to choose us because they believe in our website maintenance services and know they will receive more than they expected. That’s why CodersDaddy offers a wide range of website maintenance and support services; from consulting to ongoing daily monitoring via dedicated teams, we offer tailored solutions that match your organization’s unique needs:

  • Ongoing App Enhancement

    TWe provide ongoing enhancements, so you never have to worry about your website or app becoming outdated or stale. Ongoing enhancements are significant for businesses looking to improve customer retention and attract new ones. What better way to do that than with a fresh, updated version of your online presence?

  • App Maintenance & Support

    Regular maintenance ensures that your website or the mobile app stays up to date and works properly on your users' devices. Our professional app maintenance & support service is designed to help you secure your website against unknown bugs and vulnerabilities. Our app maintenance service is a great way to keep your tech running smoothly over time.

  • Perfective Upgrades

    A Perfective Upgrade is an enhancement or alteration of existing software that will prevent your software from falling behind its competitors— without having to replace your current system entirely. We ensure that you will access all of our latest innovations and developments as they become available.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring can allow you to take measures before an issue arises. Our services extend beyond simple maintenance and include performance monitoring to ensure you're always running at peak capacity. Our team of web experts can respond quickly to software crashes or bottlenecks, so you never fall behind on deadlines or lose crucial data.

  • Technical Improvements

    As you and your company are expanding, so is your software. Whether you're adding features to serve your customers better or just want to optimize an older app, we provide technical improvements and maintenance services to help keep your software in working order. We can also upgrade older programs that were designed with an out-of-date technology.

  • Security / Review Compliance

    We offer Security / Review Compliance services that ensure your business's software is as secure as possible against cyberattacks. After auditing your software with our proprietary algorithm (developed in-house), we can give you recommendations on ways to strengthen its security. Implementing these changes will ensure hackers don't get a hold of your business's most valuable assets!

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Multi-tier Software Support Services

We provide three distinct packages to our esteemed customers to address your website or mobile app issues more efficiently. These support packages are differentiated by their coverage and spanning different tiers of technical support like L1, L2 & L3.

  • First-line Support

    Our experts will perfectly handle different issues in your application from the user-side before getting escalated into service-disrupting issues. We closely analyze various user information and resolve all the issues without involving into the code of your software.

  • Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooring is done by experts when the root cause is in a system deficiency. With the help of our expert troubleshooting team, we will detect and fix bugs, investigate the issue, or perform performance-critical installations and updates wherever it is required to do so.

  • Advanced Support

    CodersDaddy has expertise in dealing with the most advanced and never-faced-before software issues. We are backed by high-skilled engineers to investigate the source code to optimize back-end functionality and enhance the system with transformative features.

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Typical Roles in Your Website / App Maintenance Team

Your website maintenance and support team may include different software development specialists depending on the maintenance and support scope. The team may comprise software developers, testers to UI designers. Let's take a quick look of the specialists required for any website support and maintenance services project:

  • Application Support Engineers

    The main roles of support engineers are continuous monitoring of software, fixing any performance issues, resolving software configuration & account administration issues, complete database administration, and log investigation for root cause analysis of issues.

  • Software Developers

    Software developers or engineers role comprises fixing code and database level issues, creating new software features or components, implementing software customizations, migration & third party integrations and unit testing of the software.

  • Testing Engineers

    A testing engineer is responsible for different types of testing like regression, functional, integration, etc. They are also involved in other types of testing considering upgrades, updates,and other software changes to ensure your software remain completely bug free.

  • DevOps Engineers

    DevOps engineers help in automating the software’s change implementation and its evolution with the help of CI/CD approach. They also manage physical & virtual servers configurations as well as configuring & optimizing cloud services and solving various infrastructure issues.

  • Help Desk Specialists

    These professionals are responsible for receiving, registering and tracking queries from users, solving simple & repeating software issues (like installing newly released patches & username and password problems, etc.) They also escalate unsolved issues to L2/L3.

  • Technology Consultants

    The role of technology consultants is to advise the best available technoogies to the businesses to save their time and cost. To ensure maximum benefit of digital transformation, a consultant thoroughly unstand business type and model of client and consult the tech stack.

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Website Maintenance for All Major Industries

CodersDaddy has provided software maintenance services to clients in various industries, including retail, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and healthcare. We continue to help businesses with their software maintenance needs as they expand into new markets and introduce new technologies into their businesses. Our software engineering teams work closely with clients to understand the specific issues. We offer app maintenance services that handle everything from bug fixes to updates to maintenance contracts. In this way, we help businesses focus on what they do best while providing them peace of mind.

  • Healthcare Website Maintenance

    Medical software can be used to improve the quality of patient care, optimize supply chain management and increase compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer software maintenance solutions to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions. Our software maintenance services are tailor-made to the unique needs of the healthcare industry, helping ensure their software isn’t vulnerable to hackers and continues running smoothly.

  • Retail & eCommerce Website Maintenance

    Consumers don't care about the intricacies of software maintenance; they just want their store to work. We provide the expertise and back-end know-how to ensure that the eCommerce website and application run smoothly, so you can focus on what matters most—serving your customers. With CodersDaddy's support, your retail and eCommerce business will run more efficiently than ever before. Our engineers will also be able to identify solutions to help save money, increase revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Travel & Tourism

    We offer software maintenance services to the travel and tourism industry and other industries growing rapidly. We provide maintenance to various companies within these industries so they can focus on their core business. At the same time, we handle the software problems and upkeep that come with a fast-growing company.

  • Education and eLearning

    We provide software maintenance to the Education industry. Our experts know what is at stake in eLearning, and that’s why we treat the education sector with care and attention. Regardless of the company size, our experts can deliver customized eLearning app maintenance solutions that suit your needs. Clients can expect a complete software maintenance package from us—from bug fixing to scheduled updates.

  • Banking and Finance Solutions

    CodersDaddy offers software maintenance services to the Banking and Finance Solutions industry. We provide maintenance, implementation, integration, and consulting services to some of the leading fintech companies in the industry. Our website maintenance experts can troubleshoot complex issues or advise clients on which technology solutions will best meet their needs.

  • Logistics and Transportation

    People are often surprised to know that the logistics industry—transportation, storage, and delivery of goods—requires some of the most advanced software solutions in the world. This comes with a steep learning curve. At CodersDaddy, we provide various software maintenance services to help companies stay up-to-date on the latest developments within their industry.

  • Media and Entertainment

    The Media and Entertainment industry is highly competitive, but some of the top players don’t pay as much attention to their software infrastructure as they should. At CodersDaddy, we can provide them with software maintenance services that keep their software safe from cyber threats and ensure it runs smoothly. We can take care of everything for you if you need help upgrading or migrating your current systems.

  • Publishing & Advertising

    Our team at CodersDaddy is a group of dedicated software maintenance professionals who pride themselves on delivering exceptional results that exceed clients’ expectations. We provide software maintenance to the Publishing & Advertising industry by focusing on each client's unique needs. If you have specialized publishing or advertising software, we can help!

  • Automotive

    CodersDaddy offers software maintenance services to Automotive companies worldwide. Our experienced software engineers ensure the smooth functioning of software for clients across various applications, including telematics and infotainment, tele-diagnostics, navigation, and driver assistance systems. With CodersDaddy’s help, our clients can cut costs by eliminating bugs and responding to customer issues faster than ever.

Website Maintenance & Support Services

Our Portfolio for Website Maintenance Services

Our custom website and app maintenance services company signs a strict non disclosure agreement (NDA) with our clients. However, we have taken some special permission from some our clients to showcase there website maintenance and support services project without revealing there names. Have a look at some of our app maintenance and support services portfolio:

Some Other Services Offered By Us

We provide a 360 degree software solution to our clients viz. custom software development, maintenance & management, and digital marketing services. We are backed by a 500+ professionals capable of offering best quality software development and marketing services at affordable prices. Have a look at some other services offered by us.

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